About Us

What Makes Us Unique…

I purchased my first truck and opened my first company in my early 20s. I started looking for loads myself right away and learning in how to become an expert in operations. I was doing fantastic but something was missing. I decided to grow the fleet and actually build a transportation business. I purchased my second truck not too long after the first one and soon realized all the issues that come with hiring
drivers and how they can affect the company. On the way, I learned most of the
problems that come along with the trucking business, like purchasing newer trucks
to avoid repairs, and securing dedicated runs for consistency with business. I was able to find solutions to almost every single issue we deal with in the carrier side of the industry. However, the main problem I could never find a solution for was finding reliable drivers. Eventually, I was forced by DOT to close my company because of high safety. At that point I realized that the main issues that will hold any company
back is finding reliable, educated drivers. I decided to open up a new company, but
this time implementing rules and regulations. Along with that I built a training program to be able to teach my drivers how to get the job done the right way to avoid mistakes and unnecessary losses to the company. This not only secured my
company, but also educated my drivers. Not only did it teach safety, but also how to
take care of the work equipment and how the transportation business really works.
After noticing the immediate results, I decided to help drivers and other trucking companies
facing the similar problems with their drivers.

I worked very hard for a few years building this orientation program and perfecting the curriculum. Then Advanced Pre-employment Training was born with a lot of hope for the transportation industry and their drivers. We started taking many new drivers career to another level and having the pleasure to see the changes on every trucking company that we have helped.

Our mission is simple. Improve the hiring process in the trucking industry to avoid losses in businesses while offering affordable training to truck drivers across the nation. . 

Like I always say, America runs on trucks, why not run with better educated professional drivers.

CEO / FounderĀ 

Airam Hernandez