Driver's Pre-employment Orientation Program

Companies... Avoid Mistakes, Turnovers And Financial Losses By Training Your Drivers & Owner Operators Before Sending Them Over The Road.

Drivers...Cover all subjects that you did not learn in driving school and are essential to perform a satisfactorily job.

Avoid losses and get the best out of your drivers today
Intensive program, easy to learn with extraordinary results
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Professional Drivers

Are you a new driver in the industry or planning in becoming one? 

Would you like to grow your industry knowledge as a driver and add that extra fuel to your driving career? 

This course will answers all questions you might have as a new driver. 

Our program was created to cover all subjects that you did not learn in driving school and are essential to perform your job satisfactorily to avoid unnecessary mistakes and losses. You will learn in details all essential points to do an excellent job and become a top paid driver in your company.  And that’s what make us unique. 

Trucking Companies

Are you losing drivers and owner operators frequently? 

Is the company taking financial losses because of drivers/owner operators mistakes and lack of training? 

Did you know that successful companies do not send drivers/owners operators over the road without training them first? 

 By Implementing orientation to the business you can protect not only your business growth, but secured the relationship between drivers, dispatchers, brokers and their customers. 


It's never too late to reach your full potential... 100%

"Training Drivers Before Sending Them Over The Road, Has Been Proven To Be The Best Solution To Avoid Company Losses"

Orientation course topics

One hour online course divided by topics for the convenience of drivers.

Pre-Trip Inspection

How to properly perform effective pre-trip inspections, it’s importance and how affects the company when not done properly. Efficient inspections to avoid citations, out of service, mechanical breakdowns and repairs. 

Company Representation

How to properly represent the company at warehouses, truck stops and on the road. How to as proper questions and how to communicate effectively. Why company image and driver conduct is important.


Effective communication by providing proper daily locations, ETA’s for pickups/deliveries and equipment maintenance condition reports. How to have effective communication skills and properly communicate with dispatch.

Document Organization

Learn the importance of proper organization of fuel, toll,repair receipts and POD documents. How to properly organize all receipts and documents to avoid accounting hiccups and company deductions to drivers.

Bill Of Lading

Understand BOL’s their importance to reduce inventory shortages/overages, damaged products and broker deductions. How to look for mistakes and to properly communicate with dispatch before leaving shipper/receiver.

Refrigeration Units

How to work, understand and perform effective pre-trip inspections on a refrigeration unit. How they operate, actions to take if a breakdown occurs and to learn how to troubleshoot it before calling dispatch.  

Weight & Axles

Train on how to properly adjust axles by DOT weight law requirements, max legal weight and knowledge on how to procedures for overweight loadage. How this affects the company when not done properly.


How to follow the rules of the logbook and knowledge of new DOT regulations to ensure better safety ratings. How to properly fill out pre-trip inspection sheets and it’s importance.

Industry Knowledge

Learn the process of the industry, delays the may encounter, loading/unloading issues and the importance of having patience and proper attitude. In addition, appreciation for the company and how to properly manage issues.

Having excellent drivers in each truck is critical for the success and growth of your business. By implementing an orientation training program to the hiring process, you can avoid... Unnecessary headaches, increase profit, increment the efficiency of your hiring process and reducing employee turnover.

Drivers valuable tip

A trucking business is one of the most stressful business to run, as there are many disadvantages and problems that frequently occur. As a professional driver, you must know all different forms of this business. Being a professional driver is not being one who drives over 3000 miles a week or stays on the road for months without returning home. Being a professional driver is knowing the routes they take, protecting the company they work for, and understanding how the trucking industry really works. 

Industry Knowledge topic, section 1.

Our focus points...

Wondering How We Can Improve Your Drivers And Business?



Great course, simple and really helpful. I highly recommend it
Venus - V Miller Transport
It was incredible the change that this orientation training did in my drivers. As a business owner I feel so organized now with the hiring process but the most important thing for me was how fast my stress level when down at home around the family. Good program
Livan - L&B Transport USA
Amazing how something so cheap can help save so much money in losses. I personally think this program should be mandatory by the state to implement to all trucking businesses.
Dan - D'Rio Transport
I purchased this program about two months ago. I usually don't spend my time writing reviews unless I have something bad to share so others are awarded. However I decided to share my experience from this program because for the first time since I started in this industry. I have no losses from drivers in almost two months. We recommend it.
Yony - Victoria Logistics
I am a fresh graduated driver from a local CDL school. As many out there, I thought that by getting my license I was ready for the road lol. While building time with my license, my wife forced me to purchase this course. I cannot explained how surprised i am with this training. There is so much information that I didn't even thought about when I decided to become a truck driver.
Donald - New driver
Good program, it touches many valuable points.
Alan - 7 Year OTR owner operator